Monday, May 21, 2012

Coming Back

So, I did a major plastic surgery job on my blog today.  Definite overhaul.  Rather than being in-the-middle-of-divorce girl, I have a whole new set of priorities.  I am going in for a major surgery on my thyroid tomorrow morning, and I am terrified that it will mean the end of my singing career.  Rather than focus on the negative, however, I have decided to enjoy the skills I will definitely still have:  organization and cooking.  My recent remarriage to a man with four children, when I already had two, has required that my menu planning and cooking skills reach a whole new level in the last year, and I really feel the need to share my discoveries with, well, everyone!  So, I decided last night that this will be my new outlet, and I hope someone out there finds some of this useful.

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